New Crypto Payment Platform


We provide 4 type of crypto payment services.
ALBOS payment platform is specializing cryptocurrency payment platform services.
We will return the revenue from this service to the ALBOS token holder.

ALBOS BASE (Crypto Payment Terminal)

ALBOS provide ALBOS BASE(POS), a new crypto payment terminal that can easily make payments using BTC and other cryptocurrencies at restaurants and shops.



Please register KYC after signing up.

Screening will proceed in the order in which KYCs are registered.
For the time being, it is expected that it will take 2-3 weeks for KYC screening and about a week for shipping the product.
If you apply early, it will be delivered around December.

Cryptocurrency Prepaid Card

ALBOS will collaborate with prepaid card issuers of various international brands to link prepaid cards to ALBOS Wallet.

Albos Prepaid Card

*Scheduled to accept applications from Early January 2020

Cryptocurrency ALBOS Online Payment

ALBOS Online Payment is an online payment gateway that allows BTC, ETH, and ALB payments to be received by merchants in cryptocurrency.
You can receive in real time.

The ALBOS Online Payment Gateway can easily connect to virtual currency settlement.
You can easily incorporate virtual currency payments into in-house developed systems, EC carts, and various payment scenes.

Albos Online Payment

ALBOS Online Payment Sign up

Please register KYC after signing up.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

ALBOS Wallet is high secure crypto wallet service.

Caryptocurrency Wallet
Cryptocurrency Wallet App store Cryptocurrency Wallet Google play

Download the app from the store!

ALBOS Affiliate Program

ALBOS affiliate program join easy. Affiliators can get affiliate fee by BTC.

Albos Affiliate Program
Albos Affiliate Program

If User A-1/A-2 registered, User A will have 60 Euro as reward.
If User A-1-1 registered, User A will have 15 Euro as reward, User A-1 will have 60 Euro as reward.
If User A-1-1-1 registered, User A will have 5 Euro as reward, User A-1 will have 15 Euro as reward, User A-1-1 will have 60 Euro as reward.
If User A-1-1-1 charge 20,000 Euro, User A-1-1 will receive 250 Euro (1.25% of charge amount), User A-1 will receive 100 Euro (0.5% of charge amount), User A will receive 50 Euro(0.25% of charge amount).

*Scheduled to be released on December 2nd, 2019

ALBOS Token Holder Reward Program

When the ALBOS token holder uses the ALBOS wallet's Reward Program Plan to store ALBOS tokens for a certain period of time, it will be a program that returns a certain amount of revenue sold on the ALBOS Payment Platform.
ALBOS REWARD PROGRAM will be returned to the token holder fairly.
ALBOS REWARD PROGRAM has three programs for each lockup period.
SILVER PLAN: 3 months GOLD PLAN: 6 months PLATINUM PLAN: 12 months.
The longer the lockup period, the higher the bonus, so GOLD PLAN is increased by 20%. PLATINUM PLAN is counted up by 50%.
Part of the revenue generated from ALBOS PAYMENT PLATFORM will go into the fund.
It is distributed to this by multiplying the number of tokens by the multiplication rate of each fund.
The program is scheduled to begin on December 1, 2019. From December 1st 2019 to March 30th 2020, it is closed once a month at the end of each month and automatically returned to WALLET within the next 3 business departments.
In addition, after April 1, 2020, it will be closed at 24:00 every day and automatically returned to WALLET in the early morning.

Albos Reward Program

*Scheduled to be released on December 16th, 2019

ALBOS Partnership Program

We offer three values. Would you like to join a platform that not only waits for service launches and token price increases,but also returns to token holders?

Albos Partnership Program
Good news for altcoin issuers listed in cryptocurrency exchange. Are you doing, development and marketing for the launch of each service? Here are some things that are more effective than listing on a bad exchange. By participating in the ALBOS Payment Platform, altcoin is used for payment terminals, online payments, and wallet services.
Can be used for in-store payments.

Albos Partnership Program
In ALBOS Payment Platform, token holders can get reward programs with Bitcoin simply by using a reward program which is dedicated to altcoins. It is not easily to cashed altcoin to fiat right now. Rather than aiming for short-term sell and price increases, it is important to have long-term token holders. Therefore, Reward program by ALBOS.
Payment Platform can effectively suppress extreme dissatisfaction with token holders.

Albos Partnership Program
ALBOS Payment Platform consists of four services: wallet, prepaid card, POS terminal, and online payment. Among them, for prepaid cards, POS terminals, and online payment services, we have an affiliate system for initial expenses, product charges, and payment fees. For this reason, we also have a revenue program for altcoin players.

Please contact us for more information.


03 Dec 2019 : We have updated the iOS version.

Dear ALBOS Holders.
Thank you for your patience.
You can update to the IOS version of ALBOS WALLET with the new features.
Please join the ALBOS Affiliate Program.
Thank you for supporting ALBOS.

02 Dec 2019 : ALBOS wallet updated affiliate program and KYC registration function.

Dear ALBOS Holders.
Thank you for always supporting ALBOS.
Today, we released the KYC registration function and affiliate program service in the ALBOS wallet.
The iOS version can be updated as soon as Apple reviews it.

The affiliate program is available once KYC registration is approved.
Currently, affiliate programs can be joined by having two or more people use the referral code.
The above conditions are exempted when registering from a referral link or registering a referral code.
Please ask to your introducer who buys your ALBOS about referral code.
Please participate in the ALBOS Affiliate Program.

Please look forward to the future development of ALBOS.
Thank you for supporting ALBOS.

25 Nov 2019 : About schedule of ALBOS payment platform.

Thank you for always supporting ALBOS.
Regarding the ongoing ALBOS payment platform service, we are trying to provide more user friendly interface. So that's why some services have been delayed in their release schedule.

【Current schedule】
ー KYC/Profile function: December 2nd
ー Affiliate function: December 2nd for iOS, Android will be a little late
ー Reward Program function: December 16th
  ┗Buy ALBOS token (Reward Program function) : December 25th
ー PREPAID CARD function: Early January 2020
* We will be changed releasing from Dec 1st to December 2. Because on December 1st is a holiday.
* We are going to start just to register for the Prepaid Card from January. It will get the product about 2 months after you apply.

Please stay tuned for future development of ALBOS.
Thank you for supporting ALBOS.

19 Nov 2019 : Notice of TokenX closure.

Dear ALBOS Holders.
ALBOS-listed exchange “TokenX” announced the end of the cryptocurrency trading business at TokenX in conjunction with the exchange.
Withdrawal will be announced until December 15, 2019, so please withdraw and move your assets as soon as possible.
TokenX announcements
If you have any questions, please contact TokenX.
The same situation as TokenX may occur for other exchanges, so please check the notification from the exchange frequently.
Regarding ALB destinations, as we announced the other day, by participation in the REWARD program from the ALBOS wallet will soon start a service that returns a portion of ALBOS Payment Platform revenue. We recommend you moving ALB to ALBOS wallet.
Android wallet download
iOS wallet download

01 Nov 2019 : ALBOS BASE (POS terminal) and OnlinePayment services have been released.

Dear ALBOS Holders.
Thank you for always supporting ALBOS.
Among the payment platform business of ALBOS announced the other day, we have released a POS terminal and online payment service.
Together with this, the ALBOS website has also been renewed with the contents of the service introduction.
In addition, a video demonstration of POS terminal usage has been released on Telegram’s official channel. So please have a look at it.
We are preparing for the start of the application for prepaid cards, the affiliate function, and the reward program to be released on December 1, so please wait a little longer.
ALBOS will continue to develop the best service so that more profits can be returned to ALBOS token holders.
Please stay tuned for future development of ALBOS.
Thank you for continuing to support ALBOS.